Cumberland County Gangs Cont'd: Latin Gangs!
Today in the third and final gang-related post, we’re going to talk about Latin gangs in the Cumberland County area. While the Bloods, Crips, and their various Sets will allow just about anyone to join (men and women of any ethnicity), Latin gangs allow Latinos exclusively.

LATIN KINGS/ ALKQN (Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation)

The Latin Kings originated in Chicago in the 1940’s, to protect and preserve the identity of their culture. Fearing verbal, mental, and physical attacks by their American counterparts, various coalitions, strike back groups, and traditional street gangs developed. New Jersey chapters started throughout New Jersey in 1994. The Latin Kings are known for their HIGHLY organized operation. The Latin Kings have released a DVD, have marched in Latino Pride parades, and even tried to incorporate themselves as a religious group in order to overcome RICO statutes. They have a strict and detailed charter/constitution known as the Latin King Manifesto. When the Latin Kings come together for meetings, they have weapon and security checks. The entire group stands in a circle around whoever is speaking, to show respect, and keep order. Internal discipline is a high priority.

The Latin Kings wear yellow, gold and black. Yellow and gold stand for life, while black stands for death. Their symbols include; five pointed crowns, five pointed star, lion heads with crowns, coats of armor, and most recently, a bulldog with a crown. The five-points on the crowns and stars stand for respect, honesty, unity, knowledge, and love. Common Latin King terminology includes:

Amor de Rey – Love to the King
Black Pearl – A secret Latin King assassination team.
360/ 360% Strong – Refers to the circular meetings
Motherland – Chicago
T.O.S – Terminate on Site
B.O.S. – Beat on Site

The Latin Kings are one of the most highly organized gangs in the United States, so naturally they have a clearly defined gang structure. Here’s how it works on the East Coast:

Over Leader (Inca)
Advisor (Counselor)
Division Leaders – First Crown, Second Crown, Third Crown, Fourth Crown, Fifth Crown
Tribe Leaders – Leader, Vice President, Warlord, Educator/Counselor, Treasurer

The Cumberland County Latin Kings Set is currently working as a, “Ghost Chapter,” a tactic used by the Latin Kings in which a particular Set lays low and goes underground or into hiding to avoid the Police. The Ghost Chaptering Latin Kings are letting the local Blood Sets take the heat until Police interest drops.

NETA (Never Ever Tolerate Abuse)

Neta was established in Puerto Rico by Carlos Torres-Irriarte. Neta was created to advocate for injustices experienced at the hands of prison officials and other prison gangs. In 1993, the Netas joined the Latin Kings as a dominant force in the New York prison system.
Neta Members wear Red, White and Blue, with Black occasionally replacing blue. Neta’s emblem is a heart pierced by two crossing Puerto Rican flags with a shackled right hand with the middle and index fingers crossed (sign language for the letter N). Neta members wear beaded necklaces and handkerchiefs sticking out of their pockets to show their allegiance. Neta Members also display the Puerto Rican Flag and are even known to carry Neta identification cards!

Despite carrying gang membership cards, Neta is known as a secretive group. Members will not freely admit to being a part of Neta.

Neta is a very dangerous gang. Almost all members of Neta are Ex-Convicts. Members of Neta are NOT deterred by police, and will not hesitate to attack or kill an officer if necessary. Neta members like to carry firearms, especially semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons.

REMEMBER! The biggest way to assist in combating gang Involvement in your neighborhood is to GET RID OF GRAFFITI as soon as possible if it is on your property. Bio-Clean of New Jersey offers emergency graffiti removal! For more information visit our website or call (856) 307-1051. Advise local authorities if you notice any graffiti on any public buildings or objects, and contact authorities for any suspicious persons or activities. Don’t wait for something to happen! Check your children; books, bookbags, bedrooms, clothing, and writing on their bodies are good places to find gang affiliated words, images, and paraphernalia. And don’t forget- TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN. Know their friends, and the parents of their friends. If we all work together as a community, we can take a bite out of gang violence.

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