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Meth Lab Decontamination

In the past few years there has been a dramatic rise in the amount of clandestine, methamphetamine, and other illegal drug labs. Tightened border security due to September 11th has diminished the supply of foreign illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroine entering the country. Because of this and the explosion of the Internet, self manufactured designer drugs have become increasingly more popular. The internet has allowed individuals who do not possess a chemistry background to follow recipes to manufacture methamphetamine. These untrained “cooks” do not have an extensive background of chemical knowledge and do not have the respect for the toxic and flammable chemicals present in and around illegal drug labs. Clandestine drug labs are highly involved and often times very technical crime scenes. Most law enforcement agencies are not trained in dealing with Meth labs. Often times hazardous material response teams are called in in conjunction with these agencies.

Cleaning up a clandestine drug lab is enormously complex, time consuming and costly. Often times when a drug lab is seized the liability and responsibility of securing, disassembling, and decontaminating the lab, as well as the structural property, becomes unclear. For example, in the case of a rental property the police who seize the lab would be responsible and liable for disassembling the lab and neutralizing any chemicals to prevent explosions or further contamination of the environment. The landlord or owner of the contaminated structure has some liability and or responsibility. However, the homeowner’s insurance policy may or may not contribute to the monetary cost incurred. Until the structure is decontaminated the landlord has a useless asset. They cannot occupy the unit due to the huge health risks associated with methamphetamine labs. Consequently the responsibility of the cost of the clean up becomes unsettled. Often times the properties become abandoned by the owners forcing foreclosure by the bank. The clean-up then becomes the bank's responsibility who often times passes the cost off to the taxpayer.

Bio-Clean offers the nation's most proffessional, afforadable Meth Lab Decontamination Services. Check the links below to help identify Meth Houses, find out who the victims of meth are, learn about our patented Meth lab testing and Meth Lab Clean Up Procedures. Meth takes over the lives of those who try it. Don't let Meth take over your property.

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